Leland, a eleven year old bitch, a boy scout and a daredevil for the most, crept through the woods. Along with his friend Roger, but Roger, unfortunately didn't last long. "AH! NO! LELAND! HELP M-" and when Leland turned back, not a sign of Roger was around. "R-r-roger?" Leland was really scared, he heard a noise, a hypnotizing noise, he couldn't see anything, he was blurred, and before he knew it, in the shadowy depths of his eyelids, a white-faced suited man appeared. And he woke up in the leaves, "oh, just a dream..." he was glad his vision wasn't true, "Come on, Roger" he walked on, until he turned around "Roger?" he turned back, and than turned back again to see Slenderman, "Wh-who are you?" he whispered "SILENCE!" Slender said in a whispering voice "Follow meeee..." Leland was under a trance, slender trance.

He woke up in a mansion, his childhood mansion. He needs to find his old memories or he will be stuck in the trance of, slender trance...

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